Hey friends, today I want to talk to you about a conversation I had with a friend about awesome css frameworks that would help you design your frontend applications (React based). When we met up at a cafe to get some coding done, he saw that I was a React user and asked me if I knew anything about css frameworks. I told him, “Yes I am familiar with bootstrap and semantic UI.” He then introduced me to two frameworks he uses when he’s building his projects which were:


And Concepts!

Hello friends, hope you are all doing great as the holidays approaches. Today, I want to talk about some keywords and concepts that are important to understand as a beginner Java developer. In the Java programming language, it contains 51 keywords that have a predefined meaning. We are not allowed to change their meanings, so developers are not allowed to use these keywords as names for methods, classes, variables, or as any other identifiers. Concepts in Java also help the flow of how code blocks and programs should run. The 13 keywords and concepts I will be mentioning are:


Different pieces to help solve the puzzle. In our case as coders, its problems.

Hey friends hope you are all positive and testing negative! Today I want to talk about problem solving patterns for organizing your data. As a coder you will encounter so many of these patterns throughout your career. You will especially see them throughout Leet Code, Hacker Rank and technical interviews. The patterns that will be discussed are: Frequency Counter, Multiple Pointer, Sliding Window, and Divide and Conquer. Of course there are a lot more patterns, but I believe starting off with these four patterns will help beginners get the flow of creating such patterns. Getting the flow will allow you…

Let’s have Java do the math for us!

Hello, fellow coders! If you have recently got into Java just like I have this will be a great read for you. I am going to talk about how I built a mortgage calculator with bunched up code and then organized them with methods. From the end of all this, you should be able to realize that Java is really great with organizing your code blocks.

First Off, Mortgage Calculator?

If you aren’t familiar with what a mortgage is, you should be familiar with what a calculator is. It helps compute simple or complicated math problems. A mortgage is a debt instrument, secured by…

Congo line or a Singularly Linked List?

Hello there fellow coders! The last blog I wrote about was on a data structure concept called dynamic programming. Today I want to talk about another data structure called linked lists. They are very similar to arrays: linear data structure, but they hold data in individual objects called nodes. You will definitely see more nodes as you keep going through the wonders of data structures and algorithms. In a linked list, nodes hold both the data and the reference to the next node in the list. …

How long would it take for us to get to f(5) in a fibonacci sequence?

When you are applying for companies that are in need of software developers, it is best to know some of the basics for algorithms and data structures. Some of these basics are Linked List, Arrays, Stacks (recursion), Queues, Trees, Graphs, Heaps, Binary Search, Depth-First Search, Breadth-First Search, Quick Sort/Merge Sort, Two Pointer Solutions, and last but not least dynamic programming. To understand dynamic programming, you must be comfortable with recursions. For a problem like the fibonacci sequence, if you write it in a recursive setting (which is O(2^N) time complexity) we can optimize it better and decrease the time complexity…

As a bootcamp graduate, I have come a short-long way from not knowing any languages to knowing a few.

For software engineers that are aiming to become full-stack or backend developers, it is best to know languages that are Object Oriented such as Ruby, JavaScript, Python, Go, Elixir, and Java. Of course there are many more object oriented programming, but the main focus today will be Java. I wanted to learn it because, I had the need to learn a different backend language and I wanted to see if I can create a few fun projects with them! Those projects will come later, but for this reading I want to talk about Java basics.

Things you need to know

For an upcoming technical interview…

Warning: Not a fishing blog.

In modern day technology, there are many ways for us to create a frontend application. Some of the most popular frameworks used are jQuery, Angular, Semantic UI, Vue, React, and Ember. The picture above hints what I will be talking about today, React! I believe it is the most versatile framework to use because of the amount of flexibility you are given. We can create class components and functional components to produce beautiful websites. However, React only allows class components to hold the state and in order for a functional component to have state is through props. …

Pick your flavor!

When the web became dynamic to any screen-size, responsive layout design also became relevant. Responsive layout design helps the contents of the page to be displayed properly. Usually in CSS (Cascading Style Sheet), creating multi-column layouts can sometimes create weird behaviors that would not render the content properly. Sometimes the content would be perfectly rendered at this specific screen-size, but when the screen size changes, the whole content goes out of whack.

To create a solution for the complications, humans have invented Flexbox, CSS Grid, and Bootstrap. Today, we will be focusing on Flexbox! Let’s dive right in.

Flexbox: A…

Hey friends, hope all is well! Today I’m going go explain how to use the Fusion Yelp API key with Ruby! I thought it was difficult to use at first, but it becomes easier with practice. Now before we begin, let’s setup the 2 things we need to utilize the API.

Cool, now that we’re ready let’s begin…

Now before we start to implicate our API key with Ruby, we have to test and see whether or not we can pull…

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